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Child Specialist Services

Traditionally, Child Specialists services are offered through the collaborative divorce process. Maria is a Child Specialist and Vice President of the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals ( a collaborative divorce process allows you to work toward a restructuring of your family without court involvement, giving you and your spouse full control over the outcome. A team of collaborative professionals, typically two attorneys, a divorce coach, a financial neutral and a child specialist, work with both of you in an open format to effect the best structural, emotional and financial resolution for everyone, including your children.

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (2017) defines the Child Specialist as: An experienced, licensed therapist with specific education and training in the expected behaviors,stages, challenges and tasks of the development of a child. They work with the parents to develop a parenting plan that works for the children and they work with the child(ren) to address specific emotional and practical day-to-day needs as they relate to the divorce process. The Child Specialist also helps in designing the parenting plans that specifically address the defined needs of the child(ren) as they go through the restructuring of the family. ( As a Child Specialist, Maria is not in a therapeutic role and can not serve as a therapist for any family member during or after the collaborative process. Maria can work with current therapists or refer you to professionals if such services are indicated. Parents do not have to go through the collaborative process to use Child Specialist services. For more information contact our office.

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