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Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling is an expressive art technique which allows you to record experiences, thoughts and emotions through your inner voice using the language of color, line and shape. The imagery is then enhanced by reflective writing and self-interpretation.

You don't need to be an artist or have any previous experience or talent. Everyone can put marks on paper. Visual journaling is not about making art, its about employing the creative experience as a tool to dig deeper than words alone allow. When we make imagery we are engaging a different part of our brain to process information than when we write about that information.

Visual journaling also includes a brief relaxation to quiet the "mind chatter" that often inhibits our ability to feel our emotions and experiences on a visceral level. This body-centered awareness opens the portal to access our inner imagery.

Visual journaling can be used as a tool to manage stress, set goals, explore relationships and life challenges or simply to moniter our experiences in day to day living.

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