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Yoga Therapy

Total Yoga is a mind/body approach to stress-reduction that incorporates gentle yoga postures, meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection, relaxation and breathing techniques. This method of yoga focuses on the promotion of mental health and wellness, specifically around issues of stress, anxiety, depression and trauma recovery.

When practiced with this type of therapeutic approach, yoga offers a multitude of benefits for anyone, regardless of their physical fitness or level of experience. Holistic wellness is the end goal. Total Yoga practitioners enjoy the traditionally expected benefits of increased muscle flexibility and strength, as well as benefits to the nervous and circulatory systems, metabolic and organ function, and cognitive and psychological wellness.

Based on the teachings of Subtle Yoga, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction,and other similar approaches, Total Yoga is accessible to everyone. Classes are led by Maria & Sherry both at the center and at other locations. See our "Calendar" link and/or "Groups and Workshops" link for current schedule and location of classes.

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